November 2010
Volume 62    Issue 11

A review of the effects of exhaust aftertreatment on nitrogen dioxide emissions from underground mining equipment

Mining Engineering , 2010, Vol. 62, No. 11, pp. 60-60
Cauda, E.G.; Bugarski, A.D.; Mischler, S.E.


Diesel engines are a major source of underground miner's exposure to nitrogen dioxide. In an effort to reduce the exposure of underground miners to regulated and unregulated diesel emissions, primarily particulate matter, mining companies in the U.S. are retrofitting existing and introducing new engines with various exhaust aftertreatment technologies. Different aftertreatment devices, or changing the operating temperature of a selected device, can have unexpected effects on the concentration of nitrogen dioxide emitted by a diesel-powered piece of equipment. This paper provides an overview of the effects different exhaust aftertreatment technologies available to the mining industry have on NO2 emissions.

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