November 2004
Volume 56    Issue 11

Common factors in the lime industry provide obstacles to global market access

Mining Engineering , 2004, Vol. 56, No. 11, pp. 44-44
Krukowski, S.T.


 Traditionally, the lime industry is governed by market, location and transportation factors. These factors may also act as obstacles to global market access. Lime manufacture responds to market opportunities by first focusing on location. Lime markets are diverse and widespread, and ubiquitous occurrences of limestone make development of a widespread industry possible. Lime’s low to moderate unit value limits long-distance transportation. Other factors, including lime reactivity, dedicated container use and other liabilities, also limit the shipping of lime over long distances. In the past, many small to medium size companies made lime for local use. Today, the global aspect of the industry is ownership by a few large companies that produce lime for local consumption.

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