November 2004
Volume 56    Issue 11

Partnering for successful ergonomics: a study of musculoskeletal disorders in mining

Mining Engineering , 2004, Vol. 56, No. 11, pp. 39-39
Steiner, L.J.; James, P.; Turin, F.


National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health researchers and an industry partner conducted an investigation to study the effectiveness of ergonomic interventions in mining. The study required a significant commitment of time and resources from the cooperating site, Bridger Coal Co. This paper focuses on some of the challenges faced by the researchers and their cooperator. Challenges included the need to redesign methods of identifying and prioritizing injuries and the need to train the workforce in ergonomics while still maintaining progress and interest in the process. The authors discuss some practical interventions implemented by Bridger Coal to date and discuss future research implications brought about by PacifiCorp’s Generation Business Unit, which monitored the project to determine whether an employeeowned ergonomic process could be implemented throughout its operations.

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