December 2004
Volume 56    Issue 12

Fully automated system for monitoring pit wall displacements

Mining Engineering , 2004, Vol. 56, No. 12, pp. 61-61
Wilkins, R.; Bastin, G.; Chrzanowski, A.; Newcomen, W.; Shwydiuk, L.


Automated monitoring of steep embankments allows for the early detection of instability and can be used to avoid or mitigate possible slope failures. A system that uses multiple and different types of sensors was created and successfully tested at the Highland Valley Copper Mine in British Columbia. The system uses robotic total stations (RTS) as the primary measurement sensor, with surveys repeated at predefined intervals selected to optimize operational efficiency. A methodology was developed to improve the system’s accuracy and reliability by reducing the effects of systematic errors created by atmospheric refraction and unstable instrument and reference point positions. The inclusion of global positioning satellite sensors to monitor the RTS positions creates additional operational flexibility and maintains system integrity when insufficient reference stations are available.

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