January 2006
Volume 58    Issue 1

Application of modern technology in today's limestone quarry operation

Mining Engineering , 2006, Vol. 58, No. 1, pp. 37-37
Zhang, Y.J.; Moore, B.


In today’s competitive dimensionalstone business environment, the use of up-to-date technology is critical for achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage. Awareness of improvements in diamond cutting technology, operation planning/ scheduling and geotechnical data manipulation/implementation are key to this success. This paper presents the modern techniques of limestone sawing and quarrying developed and adopted by Indiana Limestone Co., Inc. (ILCI). To fulfill the growing market demands, ILCI’s quarries are committed to delivering planned quantities of all type of stone blocks in a variety of different colors, sizes and textures. This involves determining which quarry ledges should be mined and then scheduling when they should be mined to minimize unnecessary inventory buildup. Challenges associated with ILCI’s operation are discussed and summarized. 

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