September 2005
Volume 57    Issue 9

Elements of drill-and-blast design and three-dimensional visualization in surface coal mines

Mining Engineering , 2005, Vol. 57, No. 9, pp. 77-77
Wilkinson, W.A.; Kecojevic, V.J.


Mining companies are increasingly looking at global positioning system (GPS) technology, coupled with three-dimensional mine planning and visualization systems, to deliver increased productivity and reduction in operating costs in drilling and blasting operations. Leveraging GPS into drill-and-blast operations requires that a drilling plan be developed and imported into the GPS to guide the operation to a planned and desirable outcome. State-of-the-art mine planning software systems provide the engineer with a three-dimensional environment in which to design and visualize drill-and-blast plans. This paper discusses producing and exporting three-dimensional drill-andblast plans to GPS and how some coal companies are using GPS and mine planning software technology in the drill-and-blast process.

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