December 2005
Volume 57    Issue 12

Improving cash flow at Gold Fields' Damang Mill, Ghana, with the aid of Diagnostic Process Analysis

Mining Engineering , 2005, Vol. 57, No. 12, pp. 41-41
Brittan, M.I.; Taschereau, C.A.


The Damang gold mill now processes ore at a rate of 5.4 Mt/a (5.94 million stpy) at a grade of about 1.8 g/t (0.052 oz/st). Diagnostic Process Analysis of plant operating data was used to identify and quantify the effects of the key process parameters responsible for undissolved gold losses to tails. The information was then used to direct process modifications. The dissolved oxygen concentration in CIL was increased by adding PSA capacity, while cyanide, lime and peroxide consumptions were reduced. The combination of reagent savings and reduction of 0.044 g/t (0.0013 oz/st) in tails gold losses has resulted in cash-flow benefits of $373,000/month at a gold price of $12.86/g ($400/oz).

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