December 2005
Volume 57    Issue 12

Water management at the Barrick Bullfrog reclamation project

Mining Engineering , 2005, Vol. 57, No. 12, pp. 37-37
Kump, D.


Barrick closed its Bullfrog Operation in November 1999. During its life, the Bullfrog produced ore from three open pit mines and an underground mine. A total of 29 Mt (32 million st) of ore were processed at the 8.1-kt/d (9,000-stpd) oxide mill. The mill tailings were deposited in a 130-hm2 (320-acre) tailings impoundment. When operations ceased, an estimated 2.8 million m3 (750 million gal) of water remained to be removed from the tailings impoundment. During operation, the draindown water from the tailings impoundment was pumped back to the mill for reuse. Since closure of the mill, the draindown water has been managed by a combination of passive and forced evaporation.

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