General Kinematics
October 2006
Volume 58    Issue 10

Limestone mining - is it noisy or not?

Mining Engineering , 2006, Vol. 58, No. 10, pp. 37-37
Bauer, E.R.; Babich, D.R.


U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) researchers are conducting a crosssectional survey of equipment noise and worker noise exposures in the mining industry. Surface and underground limestone is one commodity recently surveyed. The sound levels of mining and processing equipment were recorded to identify noise sources. Full-shift worker noise exposures were completed to determine the exposure of various occupations. This article presents the results of the noise research conducted in both underground and surface limestone mines, detailing the equipment likely to cause worker overexposures, and the occupations experiencing overexposures. Implications for worker noise exposure reduction are also reported.

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