February 2024
Volume 76    Issue 2

Distinct element analysis for the effectiveness of preliminary coal pillar rib support systems based on the strength-reduction method using coal mass

Guner, Dogukan; Sherizadeh, Taghi; Nowak, Samuel; Karadeniz, Kutay E.; Sunkpal, Maurice


In this study, various rib bolting scenarios were investigated to better understand the effectiveness of the support systems. A coal mass constitutive model is implemented to a distinct element method (DEM) code, and rib factor-of-safety (RibFOS) analyses were performed by applying strength reduction for the coal matrix and explicitly modeled face cleats. Ribs with various overburden depths and mining heights composed of solid banded bright coal were considered. Different scenarios such as rib bolt length and number of bolts were studied to quantify the effect of primary rib support density on rib stability. As a result of the unsupported coal rib analyses, a decaying exponential relationship is proposed between the mining height-overburden depth and the RibFOS. The developed coal rib models clearly show the coal-rib bolt interaction and illustrate how the addition of rib bolts restricts the movement of the coal rib. The results reveal that the strength-reduction method in DEM code with the coal-mass model can aid in the development of practical primary support charts, which can help in the rib support design process.

Full-text paper:
Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (2023) 40:1535–1546, https://doi.org/10.1007/s42461-023-00815-0


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