March 2022
Volume 74    Issue 3

Coupled finite-difference and discrete-element method for modeling direct shear tests on combined rock-cemented rockfill specimens

Wei, Chong; Apel, Derek; Katsaga, Tatyana


This study provides an effective determination process of the interface microstructural parameters in the numerical modeling of the mechanical interaction between two different geomaterials involved with frictional-bonded interfaces, such as the interaction between backfill columns and the surrounding rocks, or the soil-structure interaction, by using the coupled finite-difference and discrete-element (FD-DE) method. The test results validated the feasibility and rationality of the coupled FD-DE method for modeling the combined specimens with frictional-bonded interfaces or joints. Furthermore, this study provides valuable numerical modeling experience for investigating the shear behavior at the interface between cemented backfill columns and surrounding walls by using the coupled FD-DE method.

Full-text paper:
Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration,


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