General Kinnematics
November 2021
Volume 73    Issue 11

Simulation of thermal effects on the flow field in a pilot-scale kiln

Larsson, I.A. Sofia; Ljung, Anna-Lena; Marjavaara, B. Daniel


One way to upgrade iron ore is to process it into pellets. The pelletizing process is multifaceted, involving complex fluid dynamics with highly turbulent, high-temperature flow in intricate geometries. This makes it hard to perform measurements during operation, so a useful tool for better process understanding is computational fluid dynamics (CFD), where the challenge is to perform efficient and trustful simulations of complicated problems. A validated simulation model can be valuable for increased process control and development. In this paper, the flow field and coal combustion process in a pilot-scale iron-ore pelletizing kiln is simulated using a CFD model. The objective of this work is to apply a coal combustion model to enable an investigation of thermal effects from the flame on the surrounding flow field.


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