February 2021
Volume 73    Issue 2

Mineralogical characterization and preliminary beneficiation of the Zoro lithium project, Manitoba, Canada

Grammatikopoulos, Tassos; Aghamirian, Massoud; Fedikow, Mark; Bottomer, Lindsay


A master composite (Master Comp) sample was prepared from three pegmatite zones from the Zoro Dyke D1 for mineralogical analysis and heavy liquid separation (HLS). The mineralogical examination was conducted on a subsample that was crushed to approximately P80 = 600 μm. The sample consists of spodumene (10.5 percent), quartz (29.3 percent), plagioclase (29.0 percent), K-feldspars (21.3 percent), micas (5.1 percent), tourmaline (2.9 percent) and Fe-Mn-phosphates (0.1 percent). Liberation of spodumene (88 percent) and gangue minerals, including quartz (89 percent), feldspars (94 percent) and micas (83 percent), is very good at this P80 . The average lithium (Li) concentration is 3.7 percent in spodumene, 2,196 ppm in micas, 1,001 ppm in tourmaline and 115 ppm in K-feldspars. Spodumene accounts for 96 percent of the total Li in the sample. The mineralogical data indicate the potential to recover spodumene by flotation with minimal Li losses due to other Li carriers. The HLS was conducted on a subsample that was crushed to smaller than 6.4 mm, with the smaller than 600 µm fraction removed from this test. The HLS results indicate it is possible to produce a high-grade lithium concentrate, with close to 6 percent Li2O, after the rejection of iron silicates with magnetic separation.


Full-text paper:
Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, https://doi.org/10.1007/s42461-020-00299-2


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