December 2020
Volume 72    Issue 12

Numerical modeling study of the influence of softcover on strata and support behavior in a bord-and-pillar depillaring working

Sahoo, SK; Singh, GSP; Sharma, SK; Singh, UK

Surface mining accounts for most coal production in Indian geo-mining conditions compared with underground methods, whose implementations are in deeper coal reserves and for lower stripping ratio in a congested operating space. The bord-and-pillar method is the preferred underground method in India for reasons of flexibility and investment cost. While previous researchers conducted field investigations on intact overburden conditions, this study focuses on the strata control issues in a bord-and-pillar depillaring working under the influence of the dead-load condition of voluminous and fragmented softcover of overburden dump material. The modeling results helped in ascertaining the criticality of strata behavior and rib-pillar stability in actual mining conditions when compared with the conventional intact overburden.


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