December 2020
Volume 72    Issue 12

Modeling and optimization of aqueous mineral carbonation for cement kiln dust using response surface methodology integrated with Box-Behnken and CCM

Irfan, Muhammad Faisal; Hossain, S.M. Zakir; Tariq, Ihtisham; Khan, Niaz Ali; Tawfeeqi, Abdulaziz; Goeva, Anastasia; Wael, Mohamed


Carbon dioxide (CO2) mineral carbonation is a carbon capture and storage (CCS) technique that can sequester CO2 permanently in the form of durable carbonate minerals. Extendable permanent storage capacity — onshore and offshore storage reservoirs — and the exothermic nature of the mineralization process make this technique attractive [1]. In the present study, maximum carbonation efficiency for aqueous mineral carbonation was achieved through two steps: optimization of calcium leaching from cement kiln dust followed by the reaction of pure CO2 with the calcium hydroxide precipitates formed by hydroxylation using sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Optimization of calcium leaching is highly important, as it is a rate-limiting reaction step in mineral carbonation and also influences and enhances the carbonation efficiency. To maximize the calcium leaching as well as carbonation efficiency, response surface methodology — with either Box-Behnken design or central composite design — was applied. It is the most well-known statistical, fully randomized and bias-free method for determining optimized conditions using quadratic regression models.


Full-text paper:
Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (2020) 37:1367–1383,


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