November 2020
Volume 72    Issue 11

Top-coal movement law of dynamic group caving method in LTCC with an inclined seam

Yang, Shengli; Wei, Weijie; Zhang, Jinwang

In longwall top-coal caving (LTCC) mining with an inclined seam, the recovery rate is low and equipment stability is poor due to the unbalanced top-coal drawing process. To address these problems, this paper proposes the dynamic group caving method (DGCM), whose basic premise is that when the drawn volume of top coal from a support reaches about half, the next support begins drawing top coal, and the drawing process between the two supports is half done. Using particle flow code (PFC), the caving mechanism of top coal under DGCM was investigated. The results are of significance to realize high efficiency and precise caving in LTCC mining with an inclined seam.


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