Run a Clean Operation with Continental’s ContiClean® Conveyor Belt


July 2, 2024




In the demanding world of mining and quarry operations, one job stands above all others: moving tonnage efficiently, day after day. At Continental, we understand the critical need for reliable, high-performance equipment that can keep your operations running smoothly. That’s why we offer the ContiClean® conveyor belt, designed to help you move more material daily with minimal hassle.

Unmatched Material Release Technology

Conveyor belts are the lifelines of any mining operation, transporting sand, stone, gravel, and other materials. However, material buildup on conveyor belts can significantly slow down your operation, leading to costly downtime and maintenance. This is where ContiClean® excels. While standard belt covers and scraper systems often struggle to provide sufficient material release, ContiClean® incorporates superior material release technology that ensures a cleaner and more productive operation.

The ContiClean® Difference

What sets ContiClean® apart is its synthetic non-stick compound, integrated throughout the entire belt rather than just sprayed on the surface. This unique feature allows ContiClean® to deflect damp and sticky materials, such as desulphurized gypsum, sand, or lime/sand mixtures that typically adhere to traditional covers. By preventing these materials from caking onto the belt, ContiClean® not only extends the life of scraper systems but also reduces the risks associated with carryback issues.

Carryback material buildup on pulleys, idlers, and belt covers can cause significant problems, including belt alignment issues, cover abrasion, and even system damage. These issues lead to increased maintenance costs and unplanned downtime. When you run with ContiClean®, you can avoid these common pitfalls. This means less cleaning up on costly mistakes and repairs, and more cleaning up on profits.

Wide Range of Applications

ContiClean® is ideal for use in a variety of industries, including aggregate, bulk-handling terminals, and foundries. It is suitable for a wide range of wet and dry materials such as various ores, limestone, potash, sand and more. The non-stick properties of ContiClean® also reduce the adhesion of moist materials like desulphurized gypsum, ash, and wood chips, minimizing the need for frequent cleaning and thus increasing productivity.

Operational Benefits

ContiClean® supports clean, sustainable performance with these clear benefits:

  • Dirt Repellent: Keeps material from sticking, ensuring continuous operation.
  • Negligible System Downtimes: Reduces maintenance interruptions.
  • Lower Cleaning and Maintenance Costs: Minimizes the need for frequent clean-ups.
  • Oil and Grease Resistance: Durable in challenging environments.
  • Non-Ageing and Weatherproof: Long-lasting performance in various conditions.
  • Low-Temperature Resistance: Reliable in cold climates.
  • Extended Working Life: Depending on the application, ContiClean® can significantly increase the lifespan of your conveyor system.

Meeting Growing Demands

As demand for the materials you produce grows and other costs of doing business continue to increase, ensure you are set up to meet increasing production demands and avoid costly downtime due to buildup. ContiClean® can help you maintain a competitive edge in the industry. It might not be able to build sandcastles, but its ability to keep material from sticking is worth its weight in gold. By investing in ContiClean®, you’re investing in a future of higher productivity and lower maintenance costs.

Join the Future of Clean Operations

Let Continental help you achieve cleaner, more efficient operations with ContiClean®.
Equip your operation for success – reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs, and improve overall efficiency with a non-stick conveyor belt designed to meet the demands of the mining industry. Contact Continental today to learn more about how ContiClean® can benefit your operation now and in the future.

Contact Continental today to learn more about how ContiClean® can benefit your operation now and in the future.

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