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June 5, 2024




Introducing IMAT: Transforming Mining Analysis Solutions
Minneapolis, Minnesota — June 4, 2024 — ITASCA, a leader in innovative geomechanics software, is excited to announce the launch of IMAT (ITASCA’s Mining Analysis Toolbox). This state-of-the-art software suite provides mining professionals with advanced modeling and analysis tools specifically designed to meet their unique requirements. IMAT features an intuitive point-and-click user interface, ensuring effortless navigation and operation for users at all skill levels.

IMAT is designed by mining professionals to provide a user-friendly and powerful platform for simulating and analyzing diverse mining scenarios without the need for scripting. Featuring powerful numerical tools and an intuitive interface, IMAT enables mining engineers of all skill levels to simply and rapidly build and model intricate mining operations, optimize designs, perform seismic analysis, and manage risks effectively.

Powered by FLAC3D, IMAT is a pre- and post-processor explicitly designed for mine-scale applications. It leverages the concept of time in mining development sequences, enabling comparisons between numerical modeling and actual real-world events such as displacements and seismicity.

With simplicity as the guiding principle. IMAT uniquely brings many mining analysis tools into one view.

Ease of Use: IMAT offers improved simulation performance as a pre-processor, straightforward workflows that simplify learning to build and run numerical models, and enhanced algorithms. With built-in pre-processing wizards, dialogs, and file importers,

Performance: IMAT streamlines and defines the workflow of setting up a mine model in minutes, making setting up, running, and analyzing basic or advanced models easy to learn. New capabilities embedded in IMAT, such as a new grouping logic, immensely speed up model construction. Finally, using IMAT, performing parametric analysis of many models has never been easier to set up and run.

Powerful Modeling and Analysis: IMAT seamlessly combines the power and accuracy of the FLAC3D numerical modeling engine plus advanced seismic data analysis, allowing users to understand their mining operations by visualizing what is otherwise unseeable.

Intuitive User Interface: Transform site data into a complete mine-scale model with ease. The interface simplifies the process of building, solving, and analyzing large-scale mining simulations. No commands or scripting needed—just point and click.

Simplified Mesh Generation: Automatically generate an octree mesh from CAD files or import an existing FLAC3D grid for more precise meshing.

Seismic Analysis: Compare modeled synthetic seismicity with actual mine site measurements for calibration and validation, enhancing the accuracy of your analysis and understanding of the mine.

Post-Processing: IMAT processes data and presents models using powerful visualization of results, including the ability to quickly view and create movies and view hundreds of mining sequences over time.  

IMAT is designed for those focused on safe mine operations, efficient mine planning, and mine economics, including mining operators, engineering consultants, researchers, and academia.

Powered by the FLAC3D engine, IMAT's simplified interface is tailored for rapid construction and resolution of complex models, eliminating the need for commands or scripting. By streamlining the process of geometry importation, material property and in-situ parameter definition, and mining sequence specification, engineers can swiftly configure simulations, achieving model setup and octree meshing for multiple resolutions in minutes.

For engineers requiring more control of the model, IMAT offers access to enhanced features and capabilities. For example, although scripting or commands are not needed, IMAT automatically generates FLAC3D data files. These files are fully accessible and editable.
Additionally, IMAT + Seismic is available, without the FLAC3D engine, to microseismic hardware manufacturers, offering a powerful tool for mapping and analyzing seismic events.

ITASCA's commitment to advancing mining engineering solutions is evident in every aspect of IMAT. With its innovative features, streamlined workflows, and unparalleled modeling capabilities, IMAT represents a groundbreaking and accessible solution for mining professionals worldwide.

IMAT is now available for purchase. For detailed product features, pricing, and licensing options, visit

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