Innovative Slurry Valve Solutions by DeZURIK


May 29, 2024




Innovative Slurry Valve Solutions by DeZURIK
DeZURIK offers a variety of valves suitable for abrasive slurry applications that are highly erosive, high velocity and high solids content. Selecting an optimal valve for a particular service relies on process conditions assessment and operational experience.

KSV Severe Service Knife Gate Valves are specifically engineered to withstand harsh tailings applications with hardened seats and a premium packing system. The hardened seats can be specified with a tungsten carbide or chrome carbide welded overlay in two thickness options to maximize service life. The dual seats are identical, rotatable, interchangeable and replaceable in the field. The premium packing system includes a rounded and finished gate edge, rounded packing chamber, scraper ring and adjustable packing gland to prevent external leakage.

KSV valves are bi-directional, drip-tight and suitable for dead-end service without a mating flange. The valves are designed for safety with a full-force lockout system to handle the full actuator force plus safety factor. KSV valves are available in a double block and bleed design which is used to isolate and drain downstream system media while safely maintaining upstream pressure. This design utilizes a single actuator to help reduce weight and save capital costs.

Series 5700 Control Pinch Valves are well suited for abrasive and high-velocity slurry tailings applications. Featuring a straightforward design, these valves have no packing to maintain or seats to wear. They are engineered to be rugged and self-cleaning; their elastomer sleeves effectively isolate the media from all mechanical components of the valve.

In addition, the control pinch valve ensures true feedback positioning, enabling precise and consistent variable venturi flow control. This feature guarantees accurate and repeatable operation, enhancing efficiency and performance in many mining applications.

KUL Urethane Lined Knife Gate Valves have been successfully applied in hydrocyclone service. The KUL valve is a bi-directional isolation valve that can withstand dead-end service and a maximum line pressure differential of either 150 psi or 250 psi. The enclosed one-piece cast body eliminates media leakage to the atmosphere and potential leak paths inherent in split-body design valves.

The key benefit of the KUL is the bonded and molded urethane liner covering all wetted surfaces of the valve including the body, chest, packing chamber and flange face area. Urethane is an excellent material for handling challenging applications that require impact, abrasion, chemical and heat resistance. DeZURIK’s experience and third-party testing proves a bonded liner far surpasses a non-bonded liner in combined loads and strain tests.

A non-bonded and replaceable liner is advantageous in theory but in reality, these valves are often operated until failure. When these valves fail, liners are typically worn through and the bodies are so damaged that, replacing the liner is not recommended. DeZURIK’s urethane bond to the metal body is often stronger than the urethane itself. As the seats wear, the bodies are still protected by the urethane, allowing the bodies to be fully repaired with a new urethane liner.

KSL Slurry Knife Gate Valves are a push through style valve designed for isolation service in abrasive, high solids content and wet or dry media. The valves feature compressible natural rubber or elastomeric sleeves providing bi-directional and drip-tight shutoff without the need for flange gaskets. The sleeves are field replaceable and the body construction allows for easy repairs. The valve design eliminates gate and stem packing and any cavities where solids can collect.

In summary, DeZURIK offers a variety of valve styles tailored specifically for abrasive slurry mining applications. KSV Severe Service Knife Gate Valves are ideal for isolation of highly abrasive and significant solids content environments. These valves offer hardfacing seat overlay options, strategically engineered to enhance longevity and reliability in service.

For cost-effective and low-maintenance control options, the Series 5700 Control Pinch Valves provide exceptional performance. These valves ensure economical operation and minimal service requirements, contributing to operational efficiency.

The KUL Urethane Lined Knife Gate Valves feature a robust one-piece cast body design, in conjunction with a bonded and molded urethane liner. This innovative construction surpasses the performance of conventional non-bonded split-body valves, delivering enhanced durability and reliability in operation.

Additionally, the KSL Slurry Knife Gate Valves are designed for easy field servicing, facilitated by field replaceable sleeves and a user-friendly body design for hassle-free repairs. These valves offer practicality and convenience, ensuring minimal downtime and quick maintenance operations.

DeZURIK’s wide range of valves have demonstrated successful performance across a multitude of abrasive mining applications, ranging from hydrocyclone operations to tailings management. The selection of the most suitable valve style is contingent upon the specific process conditions and the preferences of the customer.

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