Cat Rebuild Options: Ways To Get Like-New Condition For Less Cost Than Buying New

August 29, 2023

When you do the math, it’s hard to beat the value of a customized mining machine rebuild. You fix only what needs to be fixed and gain a like-new piece of equipment with warranties. Plus, you improve performance and add to the financial success of your company. Learn more here.


Everybody loves to see a shiny new piece of mining equipment roll onto the site. Rather than retiring an old workhorse in favor of a new acquisition, there are a lot of benefits to rebuild. With a Cat® rebuild, you can restore your favorite machines to their full productive capability for a fraction of the price of new. Here’s a few reasons a rebuild program can boost your company’s bottom line while maintaining – if not improving – productivity.

Retained value
A used mining machine, in most cases, has been paid off. But even if it needs extensive component repairs, the machine’s overall retained value is substantial. Why pay for a new frame and sheet metal when all you need is a new engine or drivetrain components? With a rebuilt machine, value is retained over time. Should you decide to sell it later, those rebuilt components will only add value on the used equipment market.

A known entity
Your used equipment is familiar equipment. You know its material capacity, its productivity rates, payload matching, maintenance schedules and costs per ton. Your operators know the machine and how to get the best from it without additional training, trial and error or break-in periods. Full speed ahead from day one.

Product enhancements
Cat engineers are always looking for ways to make small improvements to components and systems. This is true of big-ticket items like engines and transmissions as well as details like lights, monitors and seat controls. For new equipment, it takes a few years for these small improvements to add up to a model number change. But a rebuild can give you instant upgrades without the wait, and you’ll even receive a new Rebuild Identification Number (RIN).

Tech upgrades
By the time your mining equipment needs to be rebuilt, the original technology might be due for an upgrade. Just like any phone or computer, quick-paced software updates improve functionality. With a rebuild, you can get new-machine technology without having to buy a new machine. Technology upgrades offer boosted productivity and enhanced safety at a lower cost than buying new.

Guaranteed quality
Your Cat dealer can offer you same-as-new support and services such as financing, warranties, Equipment Protection Plans and Customer Value Agreements. These after-sale services ensure that you get maximum uptime for your rebuilt machine.

Custom solutions
No two machines are identical, nor are any two mining sites or operations. One mine site might be dealing with abrasive materials while another could be managing extreme temperatures. Even something as simple as changing the grade on a haul road can make a big difference in the wear and tear on a mining truck. With the Cat dealer rebuild process, you can specify to what extent you want to rebuild your machine. 
Maybe all you need is a basic powertrain rebuild (radiator, engine, transmission, torque converter, final drive and axle). Or you may need a powertrain plus rebuild, which includes all the above plus reconditioning of the mainframe, hydraulics, undercarriage or more. Or perhaps you just need a single component rebuilt, such as the engine or hydraulic system.  
Whatever your unique needs may be, you can customize the progress with a Cat custom dealer rebuild. This means you only invest in what you need so your machine can give you many more years of full production.

Improved numbers
As you consider new versus rebuilt, remember that today’s equipment managers should be able to show company executives that they are as good with numbers as they are with machines. It’s easy to understand the reduced cost per ton that a rebuilt machine brings compared to a new machine. Those numbers show up as a positive on the balance sheet, and your ability to maximize the company return on investment will make everybody happy.


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