Safe, rugged, hands-free megawatt charging for the mining industry


February 25, 2022

With its innovative QCC (Quick Charging Connection) for high-power charging systems, Stäubli provides a universal solution for automatic charging of electric mining equipment. The Automated Connection Device (ACD) makes it possible to transfer high levels of power, which ensures fast recharging of energy storage devices such as Li–Ion batteries and supercapacitors. The high efficiency and reliability of QCC means less maintenance with decreased downtime. The ability to quickly charge with QCC allows manufacturers to offer smaller onboard battery packs so that machinery can better serve its intended purpose – to transport the weight of ore, not the weight of extra batteries.

The QCC can be used in various applications thanks to its high efficiency and safe, reliable, enclosed design. The QCC is water-ingress and touch protected in both mated and unmated conditions. The connector is SAE J3105–3 compliant and supports up to 1500 V and 670 A (1MW) continuous power, with more than 2 MW short term (several minutes). Interoperability between various equipment OEMs is enabled as this solution conforms to various published international standards and recommended practices including SAE, GMG, and IEC.

Main Advantages

Reliable and fully automated solution
  • Integrated angular and positioning misalignment compensation
  • No need for additional positioning sensors or adjustment parts

Increased cost efficiency

  • Reduced battery size and lower costs
  • Integrated self-cleaning mechanism guarantees reliable, low-maintenance operation and a long service life
  • Designed for high numbers of mating cycles

High level of safety

  • Completely touch-protected
  • Waterproof
  • Low contact resistance

Compact and versatile

  • Easy to retrofit
  • Installation does not require major construction
  • Small footprint

Stäubli Electrical Connectors has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ABB to collaborate on bringing solutions to market that reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with heavy machinery in the mining industry and to lead the way for zero-emission mining operations.

Mine electrification is high on the agenda of mining companies as it reduces costs, increases energy efficiency and improves operating permits. In recent years, more and more mining companies have committed to ambitious CO2 targets. To be able to meet these targets, reliable solutions are needed, and this is where our latest collaboration steps in.

Global technology company ABB and Stäubli Electrical Connectors, will explore the development of electrification solutions that will meet the demands of industrial applications. The focus will be on mine infrastructure solutions for battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Stäubli will contribute to the collaboration with their highly durable connectors that not only comply to the high power requirements, need for automated and safe operations but also meet approved standards.

“This MoU is another cornerstone of our dedication towards sustainability in mining and to reach a platform which is able to provide new solutions to the market out of a collaboration between companies,” said Mehrzad Ashnagaran, ABB’s Global Product Line Manager Electrification & Composite Plant. “Partnering and joining forces amongst domain experts and complementing the offering for the best possible customer experience in terms of productivity and safety while focusing on environmental aspects is what drives us at ABB. We are really looking to this joint approach with Stäubli.”

Winnijar Kauz, Stäubli Electrical Connectors’ Global Business Head of E-Mobility on the new cooperation: “As a global provider of reliable connectors with a strong commitment to drive innovation, we have many key applications across various industries. Every industry demands unique technological solutions, with mining now developing for a more sustainable future in the long term. Today’s mining environments need industrial leaders to collaborate and support the transition to all-electric operations. We look forward to teaming up with ABB to explore and develop technology solutions that will lead the way for emission-free mining operations."

For heavy duty vehicles and equipment, this move must be carefully planned to minimize effects on productivity.


Stäubli has years of experience developing dependable high current solutions, and delivering a range
of standard products as well as solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.

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