Derrick Gold Processing Solutions


August 25, 2021

Derrick Solutions for Gold Processing Carbon in Leach (CIL/CIP) Circuits

For more than 70 years, Derrick Corporation has pioneered the development of fine screening solutions to serve diverse industries throughout the world. Our commitment to unmatched quality, combined with vertically integrated product design and a culture of continuous improvement throughout our organization, has led to the well-recognized long-term reliability and productivity of Derrick products.

Derrick first introduced polyurethane screens to the gold processing industry in the early 1980s. Before introduction to gold processing, Derrick’s polyurethane Polyweb® screens had demonstrated their exceptional capabilities in numerous mining applications. The abrasion-resistance and non-blinding properties of these unique polyurethane screens offered extended service life with minimal maintenance to maximize efficiency and productivity. Applying this advanced technology to gold processing has allowed this vital industry to also reap their myriad benefits.

Following our initial contributions to advancing gold processing technology, Derrick continued to develop new, innovative, high-capacity screening equipment. Our efforts focus on reducing operational expenditure (OPEX), development of new patented technologies, and minimizing maintenance and footprint to reduce environmental impact. All of which contribute to a favorable R.O.I.

Efficient gold recovery is assured by our advanced leaching circuit screen technology that demonstrates our firm commitment to advancing gold processing. These solutions include trash screens, urethane interstage screens, carbon sizing screens, dewatering screens, tails safety screens, and other processing stages. All Derrick equipment incorporates our strong commitment to personal safety by employing extensive hazard communication labeling and minimizing touchpoints.

Derrick now offers its latest innovation—Trilogy™ surface technology—our most advanced screen system. Trilogy is composed of individual thermoplastic components that may be assembled into various configurations for added flexibility. This new innovation from Derrick can increase gold recovery, while reducing operating cost by enhancing productivity and profitability!


With innovation setting the course and tradition at the helm, Derrick has spent the last 35 Years perfecting fine screening solutions for the mining industry. With aperture sizes as fine as 38um, all with superior performing open area and cut points, Derrick is the recognized leader in applying urethane technology to screen surfaces. Through an initiative titled: Trilogy, we transitioned our screening surface from a flat thermoset urethane screen to a thermoplastic three-dimensional urethane screen. Our newest innovation employs a modular approach in which the screen surface is combined with a robust support structure that can be joined together easily. This modularity gives us the ability to increase screening area in the same footprint. Trilogy screens feature tapered openings which highlight its non-blinding characteristics, the ability to withstand higher material temperatures and increased capacity. Trilogy carries on the pedigree of its predecessor’s extended service life and high open area. All of which lead to increased gold recovery.

With the development of Trilogy, Derrick has succeeded in maintaining its incumbency as the industry leader in fine screening solutions.

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