McLanahan Corporation

May 1, 2021

McLanahan Corporation has been delivering proven processing solutions for the world’s most demanding industries for over 185 years. With a strong foundation of innovation and outstanding customer service and support, McLanahan is one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industries they serve. Among McLanahan’s capabilities are crushing, sizing, feeding, washing, classifying, scrubbing, dewatering and tailings management, all of which combine to provide customers with an extensive selection of processing solutions from one manufacturer. McLanahan has successful operations in a variety of mineral processing applications, including coal, iron ore, potash, phosphates, gold, copper, industrial minerals and more.

When working with McLanahan, each customer receives a proven processing solution that is going to maximize their production while also being tailored specifically to handle that customer’s processing needs. McLanahan has the capabilities and experience to maximize your production whether you’re looking for a large custom plant or for one specific part of the processing plant.

To create the best solution for customers, McLanahan has a team of process engineers that consult with customers and design process solutions from start to finish. McLanahan provides extensive testing at their in-house laboratory and on-site to fully understand application requirements. Teams of engineers then work to ensure equipment meets those requirements. This means that whatever equipment you end up with, the solution has been designed and tested to meet your site specifically.

Although McLanahan started as a foundry-only operation, it didn’t take long for it to become a supplier of processing equipment. In the late 1800s, the company originated both the Log Washer and Single Roll Crusher, starting its journey to offering a complete line of processing solutions. Since that time, equipment has been added through both design innovation and strategic acquisitions, allowing the company to offer more to its customers. In 2020, McLanahan Corporation celebrated 185 years of providing customers with the right solutions for their application.

No matter how much care or maintenance, eventually, the end user experiences wear on their crushing elements, whether it be jaw dies, Cone Crusher liners, Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher blow bars or the rolls in Roll Crushers.

By extending the life of these elements, a site is able to increase production due to less downtime required for maintenance and achieve lower cost per ton by increased wear life. This ultimately equals more sellable product and profitability, and less exposure for possible injury to your workforce because of less wear parts are being replaced. McLanahan has designed its wear parts with metallurgies that increase their life, meaning that there is less downtime on your site.

When McLanahan Corporation took on the task of developing a weld-on tooth in 2003/2004 for their roll elements, they focused on two key elements. First and foremost, the tooth needed to offer a substantial increase to wear life, which ultimately reduces downtime and maintenance costs; second, the tooth needed to be replaceable so the life of roll elements can be maximized.

McLanahan recognized a need for carbide in more than one plane to further protect a tooth’s leading edge after seeing earlier successes using carbide tooth caps.

Several issues had to be overcome to achieve these objectives, including the use of dissimilar materials, as well as the casting process that would allow for carbide to be evenly distributed on two planes of the crushing surface. The final solution was a casting impregnated with carbide particles of varying sizes in the front and top that could be successfully welded to base elements specific for a Roll Crusher design.

Once McLanahan was confident with the development and internal testing results, the focus shifted to field trials. A mine in the Powder River Basin was selected as the field test location. They were chosen due to the amount of tons processed and because they were already using McLanahan roll elements with teeth having carbide tooth caps.

With the implementation of this design, the carbide impregnated teeth were an instant success. The mine was able to double their throughput before needing to address the segments.

The development of the carbide impregnated weld-on teeth and their utilization didn’t stop there.

Over the course of the next several years, many customers have chosen to convert their roll elements to those equipped with McLanahan’s carbide impregnated teeth. While visiting with these customers, they were asked to provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve these teeth and roll elements. It was information from those meetings that led to subtle changes in the welding process that have allowed that first customer in the Powder River Basin to triple their throughput across a set of roll elements when compared to the original tooth cap design. McLanahan determined that the weld securing the teeth was most prone to wear, so they began to cover the weld joint with hard-surfacing. This was implemented because it was determined that it wasn’t wear on the teeth that was forcing the mines to change the roll segments, but instead wear on the segment body as well as missing teeth. McLanahan now also applies hard-surfacing to the segment body radially (with the direction of rotation) rather than the standard cross-hatch pattern. These simple changes have allowed mines to process in excess of 60 million tons over a set of McLanahan roll segments equipped with carbide impregnated teeth.

Through acquisitions, innovations, new industry ventures and an extensive network of dealers, McLanahan is able to do more for its customers, and in turn customers do more as well, becoming more efficient, more productive and more profitable. Not only do they offer one of the most complete ranges of processing equipment in the world, but they back up their equipment with unmatched local service and support.

In addition to the U.S.-based offices in Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Iowa, McLanahan has global offices located across Asia, Australia-APAC, Europe and Latin America. This, coupled with our strong dealer network, gives customers peace of mind knowing that they can get needed service and support where and when it’s needed, regardless of their location.

To learn more about McLanahan visit our website or e-mail You can also view McLanahan equipment in action on the McLanahan Corporation channel on YouTube.


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