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Caterpillar’s 794 AC truck to be displayed at MINExpo for the first time
September 19, 2016

MINExpo International kicks off in Las Vegas in less than a week and some of the largest and most efficient machinery used in global mining will be on display.

One such truck that will be making its debut at the show is Caterpillar’s newest large mining truck, the 794 AC. The 291-t (320-st capacity truck uses a combination of proven designs — a chassis design that has accumulated about 18 million operating hours and power train design that has racked up three million hours.

Following extensive field testing, controlled rollout of the new truck started last year. To date, the 794 AC is operating in four countries and is working in applications ranging from deep pit copper in the western United States to coal and copper in South America.

Mechanical availability of the 794 AC has averaged 90 percent or better from the introduction and has continued to improve with every new site introduction. The drive system is designed to power the larger Cat 795F AC, which has demonstrated drive train component life of more than 30,000 hours.

Due to the efficient, fully integrated Cat power train and machine configuration, the 794 AC has proven to be faster on grade than the competition. The new truck also features four-corner wet disc brakes as well as dynamic braking for stable handling and fast stopping. The 794 AC has industry leading retarding capability in its size class with 4086 kW (5,480 hp) of continuous retarding.

The 794 AC is designed and built to minimize total costs. The 794 AC is a true 291-t (320-st) truck, as it accommodates additional weight allowances for options and body liners — so the truck can be fitted for superior durability without significant negative effects on production.

The 794 AC uses the Cat C175-16 engine and a proven Cat AC power train. System power is adaptable to accommodate changes in production targets and to work seamlessly in mixed fleets where truck speed differences can reduce productivity. Three power options — 2050, 2312 and 2610 kW (2750, 3100 and 3500 hp)—are available using the same engine. High altitude configurations are also available.

The Cat High Efficiency (HE) Body is sized and configured to meet the specific needs of the mine, dictated by fragmentation, abrasion, cohesion and the loading tool. The 794 AC body is integral to the truck and is sized to meet the payload requirements without compromising vehicle balance, braking or control.

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