September 2019
Volume 71    Issue 9

Influence of air gap volume on achieving steady-state velocity of detonation

Mining Engineering , 2019, Vol. 71, No. 9, pp. 55-56
Kabwe, Eugie


The velocity of detonation (VOD) is a significant property considered when rating an explosive, and it is quantified as a confined or unconfined velocity. The confined velocity is more significant as explosives are usually used under a definite degree of confinement. This study evaluates the stepwise increment of the air-deck volume from 10 to 30 percent, and its effect on the VOD. The VOD estimation in the 172-mm-diameter explosive column was conducted using the Dáutriche technique. The air-deck volume increment has an attenuation effect on the steady-state VOD, and detonation failure is high at 30 percent air-deck volume. This attenuation effect is directly linked to the explosive’s rating and efficacy. The air-decking approach in this study is different from conventional air-decking techniques in that it does not employ the fixed blasthole parameters, air-deck volume and specific VOD. 

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